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Versatility Licks Box Set


It's a prized quality to be a versatile and well-rounded musician and guitarist, which is why we've compiled this fantastic box set designed to give you experience, knowledge and insight across 4 of the most popular genres in modern guitar music; Rock, Blues, Country and Jazz (in this case, specifically Gypsy Jazz)

For the Rock side we have Justin Derrico, a renowned rock guitarist and worldwide session player. When it comes to pulling out face melting guitar lines, foot stomping riffs and all out killer rock solos this man is one of our 'Go To' players! Learning and mastering these licks will leave you well versed in playing rock licks that you can add into your own solos!

In the Blues corner we have the ever astounding Josh Smith. This licks package still blows us away today! Josh's ability to authentically recreate classic blues sounds as well as bring his own creativity and style to the genre is what we love most about this one. This pack is not only about giving you a very strong understanding of the techniques and devices used in blues but is about digging deep and telling your own blues story too.

Representing Country we have the fantastic Johnny Hiland! Few can outplay Johnny, and no one can emulate his creativity and grace on the instrument. He has that unique, raw, gritty country vibe down to a tee and it comes out in every lick he plays! This pack is for the players who really want to learn and master those enticing country sounds!

Finally, we have Olli Soikkeli fronting the side of the Jazz players! Olli is a relatively new player on our roster and is making a huge splash already! Gypsy Jazz is one of the least understood genres, we think, but this is where Olli comes in! Olli's Jazz licks are as applicable as they creative. This means that it doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or a Gypsy Jazz beginner there is something for everyone in this pack! Super tasteful, very modern and massively inspirational!

Overall, if you want to give your whole playing a boost and are looking for variety of licks in various styles then grab this box set to supercharge your playing and creativity!

Be sure to click over to the pack images below if you would like a detailed breakdown of each package.

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What's included

  • JoshSmith_bluesstories
    Blues / Intermediate

    20 Licks Blues Stories

    Josh Smith

  • johnnyHiland
    Country / Intermediate

    20 Favourite Country Licks

    Johnny Hiland

  • PC_JustinDerrico_20WestCoast
    Rock / Intermediate

    20 West Coast Rock Licks

    Justin Derrico

  • PC_OlliSoikkeli_GypsyJazz
    Jazz / Intermediate

    20 Gypsy Jazz Licks

    Olli Soikkeli

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