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Learn A Song In 20 Licks Box Set


Sometimes learning a song can be a big deal, lots of bars and even more notes! Conversely learning licks can be very effective as it allows you to focus on one section at a time, so you can master each lick before moving on.

That was the inspiration behind the 'Learn To Play' series! Each of the fantastic 73 licks in this pack can stand alone as a small and effective guitar phrase, but each of the licks in the 4 packs can be stitched together with the previous and next lick to create a full solo that both inspire and inform you!

Learning this way is a brilliant approach as it makes memorising long peices easier and allows you to fully digest each idea. Each of the 73 licks in the 4 packs comes with it's own fast and slow videos, audio track, TAB/notation and bonus notes to help you learn. Then we have also included the 4 full song play through videos with accompanying full TAB for when it's time for you to piece them all together and rock out the full solo!

If this is your preferred method for learning songs then you are going to really love these 4 packs! If you've never tried this approach then pick up this box set today and see how you get on! We're certain you'll find it an inspiring and easy method of learning full solos!

Be sure to click over to the pack images below if you would like a detailed breakdown of each package.

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What's included

  • PC_JackT_20BuildingBallad
    Ballad / Intermediate

    20 Licks: Building The Ballad

    Jack Thammarat

  • PC_KitTang_20up
    Rock / Intermediate

    20 Uplifting Rock Ballad Licks

    Kit Tang

  • PC_MichaelWag_20groov
    Rock / Intermediate

    20 Groove Busting Blues Rock Licks

    Michael Wagner

  • PC_JessLewis_AfterRain
    Jazz / Intermediate

    Learn To Play: After The Rain

    Jess Lewis

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