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Welcome to the January 17 edition of JTCs Jam Of The Month! JOTM is your chance to get featured in an international customer jam video on JTC's YouTube channel! Think of all the exposure you could get to the tens of thousands of subscribers that watch our YouTube channel every month!

So how does it work?

- Each month we will release a brand new FREE backing track for you download.

- Film yourself jamming along to the track and then post your video on the JTC Jam Of The Month Facebook group (join by clicking here)

- At the end of the month we will edit together our favourite videos in one epic jam collaboration and upload it to our YouTube channel

- Anyone can jam, any style, any ability, everyone is welcome!

- Comment and share your fellow musicians entries, giving thoughts and positive feedback/encouragement.

Overall its all in the name of fun and community. The group is a great place for commenting and discussing each others jam videos, and will often be visited by JTC's artists!

JTC is a supportive community and will take a zero tolerance on negativity and spam. So no matter what level you are currently at, get jamming because everyone would love to hear it, and you might even make that months jam collaboration!

So download the track, get jamming, and we'll see you in the group!

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