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Martin Miller

Hybrid Picking Masterclass: Arpeggios And Licks


Likely the most in-depth and powerful hybrid picking course ever made, Martin Miller returns to walk you step-by-step through the absolute basics all the way to complete expressive freedom using his approach to hybrid picking!

This page is for Volume 3 of the full 'Hybrid Picking Masterclass' course leading you from A to Z, it's strongly advised that you purchase the full box set (by clicking the image below) so that you can work through the course in the correct order (and benefit from a discounted price, too!). Each volume is available individually if you would like to purchase in stages, but in order for the course to make sense, we recommend starting at Vol.1 and then working your way through to Vol.2, then Vol.3!

Martin says 'I'm convinced that my hybrid picking masterclass is one of THE most in depth out there on the subject. You will get plenty of information whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro! Over 3 volumes I'm going to be teaching you how I approach and utilise this technique in my own playing. We're going to have a look at the tonal and technical possibilities it has to offer, and how we practise those to put them in a musical context.

So far we've covered the fundamentals of hybrid picking in volume 1 and had them them applied to a huge amount of scalar and pentatonic patterns in volume 2. Now volume 3 takes off where volume 2 ended. We're going to be looking at how to apply what we've learned to arpeggios, by looking at a number of patterns. As always I will give you information on the technical and musical background of these examples, while also making suggestions on how to expand them, so you can manipulate them to make them part of your improvisational arsenal. Remember that these examples aren't full musical phrases but merely bite-sized building blocks to eventually create full phrases with.

After the exercises, I came up with some 'licks' and phrases that combine various methods in a more application-oriented way. They are a fun way to increase your vocabulary and work on your chops. My goal here is to provide you a number of different licks in different styles and levels of difficulty.

Lastly I've improvised 2 full solos incorporating many hybrid picking ideas without worrying about them fitting into a tuitional concept too much. The goal here is to give you some material, that shows how these mechanics work in a real-life situation.'

As you progress through the in depth masterclass PDF you will find a plethora of complete hybrid picking exercises fully tabbed out, with video/audio for every exercise (played fast and slow to help you break down and learn the techniques).

Come the end of the full course (once you've worked through Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3) you will be perfectly prepared to tackle Martin's final 2 full solos at the end of this volume which will put everything from the course into practise! It will be at this stage that you can step out into the spotlight by jamming over the 2 extended jamtracks, where you can put everything into practise by using the hybrid picking ideas from this complete course in your own solos and jams!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Check out the full course promo video below and click on the box set product image underneath this text to go over to the full 'Hybrid Picking Masterclass' page:

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