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Tony was born in 1984 in Mallorca (small spanish island), and got into music at a very young age. He started playing the piano when he was 5 and started playing gigs and concerts aged 7.

Around 10, he started playing the guitar, and become serious about that when he was 16. Finished medium grade piano studies at 17 and start with modern music official studies in Barcelona Modern Conservatory of Music where he was tested by the berklee college of music teachers and get a scholarship to go to Boston but he was not able to go there for some reasons. Then, Tony started playing around the Barcelona rock/blues scene and got pretty well known there.Recently, he is becoming a well known YouTube guitar player, demoing for Prymaxe Vintage Shop, and  endorsed by Suhr Guitars, Wampler pedals, Chris Cambell Strings and Gruv Gear.Toni divides his time between videos for Jam Track Central, self lesson packages, teaching and touring with different artist as Gloria Gaynor or Marta Sanchez.