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Sergey Golvin was born in 1988 in Kiselevsk, a small Siberian town in Russia and has been mastering the guitar since he was a small boy. Growing up he was influenced by the likes of Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan so decided to switch from his classically trained playing to the electric guitar.  

After graduating from Music College Sergey set up his YouTube channel and was soon to become one of the most recognised Russian guitar players with his incredible array of unique licks and techniques. He won many local guitar competitions and went on to win the international competition 'Leader-Guitarist' in 2009 with the final taking place in his native Russia. In 2012 Sergey self produced his incredible instrumental debut album 'Sense of Reality' which is available to purchase through the site. Sergey is a classic case of an artist who contacted JTC and showed us exactly what he can do. We were instantly blown away with his unique and effortless playing and had to get him involved with the site straight away.  Sergey also continues to upload regular new videos of new tracks as well as product reviews to his YouTube channel.