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Born in Sao Paulo/Brazil, Lari Basilio is guitarist by vocation. From her early childhood, Lari started showing love and interest in music then, she began studying organ at age four.

Some years later, her father taught some chords on an acoustic guitar and it would lead her to a passion for the electric guitar.Later, she moved to the electric guitar and ever since she has started studying by herself. From playing in the church to playing in some bands, she started writing songs. In 2011, she started her professional career working on her instrumental five-song Extended Play (EP), named Lari Basilio, which was released in 2012.Her most recent original record, the CD/DVD The Sound Of My Room, was released in 2015 which has Andre Nieri as one of special guests.She has been performing many shows and workshops, also playing along recognised worldwide artists, like Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert and Hamilton de Holanda."Really nice playing... soulful and melodic... cool tunes too!" - Andy Timmons, after watching Lari Basilio performing.