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I've received a temporary password and it isn't working?

Make sure that if you copy/paste a password or email address that you don't accidentally copy a blank space before or after the text. Also ensure CAPSLOCK is not activated and know that all passwords are case sensitive. Once you are logged back in you can change your temporary password in the Account section. You can also request a new password via the 'forgot my password' option. If you do this. please also check your junk mail/spam folder for any password reset emails.

My card payment won't go through/I received an error?

There can be many reasons why a card may be declined so the easiest way to get you back up and running again is to try paying via Paypal. You do not need an account with Paypal in order to use their sevice, you just need to fill in your details and you can checkout as a guest. If this still doesn't work then please do get in contact and we'll be glad to help you out.

I can't find my tabs?

When you have purchased your download and clicked 'download' you will be promoted to save a .zip file. This folder needs to be saved and then extracted first before you use it. After the file has been extracted click into a few of the folders and you should find your tabs in .PDF and .PTB formats. Enjoy!

What I find an error in my tab?

We strive to have the most accurate TAB/notation possible, and we pride ourselves greatly with the quality of our transcriptions. That being said, despite triple checking everything occasionally a small typo/error could slip through the net unaware. If you think that your TAB/notation has an error please do let us know by emailing admin@jamtrackcentral.com detailing exactly where the error occurred (and the file name) as well as any correction you might think should be in place. We always update our products with a new revision if we think that something needs correcting.

Occasionally our artists will play slight variations on the slow versions of some material. As a general rule of thumb, all TAB/notation will match the fast version of any track/video/audio.

How can I get my awesome new download onto my iPad?

This is the link you need with all the information: https://jamtrackcentral.com/blog/jtc-ipad/ our premium members use a TAB/Notation feature of our site provided by our good friends over at SoundSlice. Soundslice are constantly working to improve and increase support for iPad users and it will only get better and better as the development continues. For our download members, the simplest method is to download and unzip your files on a computer and then transfer the files across to your iPad/tablet device (we advise using cloud storage software as a nice easy method.

What is a ‘jamtrack’?

A jamtrack is a long backing track with no lead guitar. It is designed for you to improvise or practise over. You start the jamtrack, grab your guitar and… JAM!

Who made this stuff?

The jamtrackcentral team is Jan Cyrka, Adrian Clark, Jonny Carpenter and Steven Martin. We also had some help from a glittering array of special guests!

How long are the backing tracks?

This depends on the product. Most of our full jamtracks are between 3 and 6 minutes long. Some packages have two backing tracks… the extended jamtrack (with a filename ending in ‘_jt.mp3′) and a shorter backing track designed to fit the sample solo (with a filename ending in ‘_sjt.mp3′).

When the package is based around a composed song (such as Jack Thammarat’s ‘On The Way’) there is no extended jamtrack… just a standard backing track. We do sometimes include shorter 'lick backings' for our 20 licks products.

Will you be adding new material?

Hell yeah! We have lots of ideas for the future and new material is added every week!

Do you have permission to use this music?

Yes, because it is ALL written by us or by our artists. Some of the jam tracks and solos are designed to recreate the sound of famous guitarists, but they are all our compositions. Our artists all receive royalties for their compositions. By buying our products, you are supporting your favourite musicians directly!

What do the packages contain?

There is always a backing track. Always. After that, it depends on the package. Some have solos to show you how to sound like famous players, some have amazing solos by our guest artists. Sometimes there are also videos of the solos. Some packages are more like lessons. Sometimes we show you how to play a whole song. All songs, solos and lessons are transcribed 100% accurately, in Powertab and PDF format. Please always read the 'What You Get' section as well as the product text for full details.

I just want to listen… do you sell regular albums?

Yes, we have a selection of downloadable albums by some amazing guitarists.

I’ve heard one of these jamtracks before!

Some of them have appeared in Guitarist magazine. However, Future Publishing only sell very recent back issues of their magazines, so we thought we should make all of this music available… for ever! We also allow our artists to use our backings for their own purposes. Else, you might have heard one of our many awesome tracks being played over by one of the hundreds of thousands of people that use our great services every year!

I saw Guthrie Govan’s amazing solo on Youtube and bought a jamtrack package, but the solo is different!

Guthrie played some solos over existing jamtracks from other packages. They were originally only available on Youtube, but lots of people persuaded us to make proper download packages, complete with full Tab. To get the Guthrie versions, go to Guthrie’s page on our site.

Your prices are in a strange currency.

Our prices are in British Pounds, but you can buy our products wherever you are. To check our prices in your currency, you can use the Universal Currency Converter.

I’m worried about buying things online

We use secure payment and download systems. We also have a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy which we recommend you read to put your mind at rest. Payments are processed through Paypal, so we never see your bank or credit card details.