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13th February 2013 | Posted in News

If you are an iPad user (as most of us at JTC are!) and you want to enjoy your JTC purchases directly on your iPad, then you can.

First and foremost you are going to need a couple of apps. We recommend you use a Zip File app called Zip Browser (there is a free or paid for version) as this will open the zip folder and play the files. You could also go for a Zip File App such as WinZip, and a Media Player app such as iMediaPlayer.

Once you have these installed, all you need to do is:

1) Log into your account using Safari on your iPad

2) Head to your dashboard

3) Click 'Download Now' on your chosen product

4) Wait for the file to download (the screen looks like it is loading a new page), upon completion you will be presented with an option to 'Open With'.

5) Select your zip app of choice

6) Head to the zip app and you will be able to see the files

7) Select a file and the option to 'play this file with' should appear. Select the Media player app or play within the app, depending on which route you went for.

8) Away you go!