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20th February 2013 | Posted in News

That's right folks, Alex Hutchings has made butter...sexy! Before you get the wrong idea, we are not talking about him rubbing himself up and down with the stuff or cleaning his fretboard with it whilst wearing some skimpy clothing....no, we mean the way he knows best. With his music!

Taken from his Custom Fusion Series 3 package, Midnight Blues (check preview 4) is the track that Flora called upon to make their brand sound sexy in their new advert.  

Voiced by Stephen Fry and with Alex's sultry tones in the background you finish watching the advert and immediately fancy a nice baked potato or piece of toast, dripping with good ol' butter!

On a serious note though, once again JTC and our artists music is being used for TV, Film and Commercials. Just goes to show why we have such a big reputation for our super high quality tracks.