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Currys PC World and JTC

18th March 2015 | Posted in News

Recently, JTC was asked to 'lend a hand' in the new Currys PC World TV advert, and naturally we were pleased to help out! So if you check out the link below, or happen to catch the advert on TV, the close-up footage of the hands playing the shred guitar...

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First Contest Entries In!

10th March 2015 | Posted in News

So the competition is getting under way now. We're exactly one week in and we have 21 days left for entrants to get their videos in! We have the first 250 entries up on our website now which you can view/like/share here.  We've had some REALLY great entries so far,...

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Marco Sfogli Joins Victory Amps!

5th February 2015 | Posted in News

JTC Artist and guitar wizard Marco Sfogli recently announced he is now and endorsing artist of the great Victory Amps. We're looking forward to the great things to come from this arrangement and what a match up!Marco said on his Facebook page recently: "So it's been a while now and...

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Top 10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Guitar Licks Part 1

13th January 2015 | Posted in Hints And Tips

Written by Steven Martin (Steven Martin Guitar) Part 1: We all hear about them, 'Lick of the week', 'Lick of the day', 'here's this week's free lick', check out this 'rad Dorian lick'. Guitar licks are everywhere! Due to popular demand and great feedback we have recently been releasing some REALLY great...

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