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Andy James

For some time Andy James has been widely regarded as one of the U.K's rising stars in the world of shred and metal guitar. Now, he has undeniably earned himself a place among the very best in the world. He made a huge name from himself as one of the modern day YouTube guitar heroes and since has become recognised as one of the main faces of Metal guitar tuition.  

Aside from this, Andy has also recorded solo albums In the Wake of Chaos, Machine and his third self titled album, which is available to purchase through our site. Andy is also a member of the band Sacred Mother Tongue and his been heavily touring their debut album "The Ruin of Man" around Europe as well as working on brand new material.

In his solo recordings Andy exhibits a predominant influence of Andy Timmons and Paul Gilbert as well as other comparable guitar legends. 

Andy continues to regularly contribute new material to Jam Track Central and has recently singed to our record label JTC Records for his future solo releases.

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