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25% Off - One Week Only

13th April 2014 | Posted in Promotions

For one week only get an addditional 25% off your order at JTC when you spend over £20 (€24 or $34 if these are your chosen currencies)  Simply use the code APRIL25 at checkout. Enter it in the 'Have A Voucher' section! - Offer applies to Jamtrack and Album Backings Packages - Does...

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Safari 5/6 Audio

29th November 2013 | Posted in News

If you are a Safari 5 or 6 user then you may be experiencing no playback of the audio/video on the site. Don't worry though as it will be sorted soon. In the meantime check the site out on any other browser, or Safari 7!  ...

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Choose your currency

24th June 2013 | Posted in News

As of today you can switch the site to display all of our products in either Pound Sterling, Dollars or Euros.....meaning you can purchase in your own (or chosen) currency. How is that for piece of mind!  If you are just browsing then click the currency you would prefer at the...

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New Aristocrats

23rd May 2013 | Posted in News

BIG NEWS ALERT!! The brand new Aristocrats album 'Culture Clash' is coming to JTC and will be available in both Official Backings and Deluxe Edition versions! It will be realeased on the 16th July alongside the official worldwide release of the album! Once again you will be able to become Guthrie as...

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The Ring Of Destiny

21st May 2013 | Posted in News

  Do you want to wear the ring of destiny? Well, the JTC artists certainly do.....but whose hands are these? Three of our superb artists have already been caught wearing the awesome Stephen Einhorn Skull Ring with Amethyst Eyes during recent visits to JTC HQ. It has even been said that when wearing one it...

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